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Shattered Planet Review


Expect to die in Shattered Planet, and know it is you who leads these clones to their demise. Pushing them one step too many past their uppermost limits. In all seriousness, rogue-likes are great for creating your own narrative as you attempt to progress through the game. Not every fallen clone needs a tomb in dedication to their memory, but creating a sense of attachment tends to make one more cautious. If anything it makes the little victories more rewarding, and your failures all the more tragic.

Review: Quadropus Rampage (iOS)


Scientists say we’ve mapped more of Mars than we have of our own oceans, and I’d like to believe that Quadropus Rampage, by Butterscotch Shenanigans, is what happens in the deepest depths. Adventure along the ocean shelf as a squid, finding artifacts, looting treasures, and destroying sea creatures in this rouge RPG.