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What Facebook will do with Oculus Rift


How can you blame Oculus for selling out to Facebook? It was a lot of money. A LOT. I can’t even wrap my head around how much money that was. Sure, maybe Zuckerburg will help them make it a great gaming platform with all of the funds and talent they could ever want. My dream […]

Rumor: PS4 Launch Date


A rumor leaked today from an employee of a major retailer received a product release schedule confirming the launch date for the PS4 as October 21st. According to the source this is routine, as it happened with previous hardware releases such as the 3DS, Wii U, and Vita.

Microsoft considering more RAM and an upclocked GPU for the Xbox One?


So the Xbox One rumor of the week is that Microsoft is asking devs for feedback on increasing the RAM from 8gb to 12gb DDR3 and upclocking the GPU. It appears as if Microsoft is giving devs a list of which changes and asking which would be most beneficial to them. It is a bit strange that Microsoft would be asking this considering one of the Xbox executives said hardware comparison was meaningless recently. I guess we can add that to the list of things Xbox employees say just moments before their company flip flops.

BREAKING: Microsoft Discards Online Requirements for Xbox One


Microsoft has just announced a change to its DRM policies for the upcoming Xbox One console, including an unpopular requirement that owners of the console “check in” online once every 24 hours in order for their games┬áto function, regardless of whether they play them in multiplayer or online modes. The description of the new policies […]