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5 Upcoming Games To Try On The New Samsung Galaxy


These days, it doesn’t take a whole lot to get the smartphone community buzzing. Whether it’s the release of a new phone, rumors of such a release, or even a new trending app, any bit of news winds up in headlines all across the Internet. But in February, smartphone lovers received some of the most exciting news in several months:

Square Enix Says No to Live-Action Fan Series


Final Fantasy VII fans may be disappointed if they were looking forward to the live-action series project on kickstarter (Tomodom’s original article regarding the project can be found here). As of this morning, the kickstarter page has been taken down, replaced with a notation that the project is the subject of an intellectual property dispute and a link […]

Review: Video Games Live!


A blend of traditional medium with a 21rst century compsition, Pacific Symphony’s collaboration with Video Games Live doesn’t disappoint.

Deus Ex: The Fall Release Date


Not too long ago, Eidos Montreal mentioned that Dues Ex: The Fall would be coming to the mobile platform. Today, media outlets reported that Square Enix revealed the release date for Dues Ex: The Fall to be July 11th: this Thursday. It will be available to play on the iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 5, iPad […]

Final Fantasy X/X-2 to Feature Brand New Cut Scene During Ending Credits


Editor’s Note: This article is subject to change as new information is revealed.   According to this week’s edition of Japan’s Shounen Jump magazine, the HD update of Final Fantasy X/X-2 will be featuring a previously unreleased 30-minute cut scene during the credits of the remaster. Other than this new cut scene featuring new voiceovers […]

Tomostalgia: Say Goodbye to Turn-based JRPGs (And is it Really a Bad Thing?)


Turn-based combat in JRPGs, which features a player’s party (typically a group of three or more main characters) restrained to selecting their enemies’ route of decimation through a list of various actions like Attack and Magic, is dead. Even the series that essentially gave birth to the immense popularity of turn-based combat in Japanese roleplaying […]

Age of Empires To Be Released for Mobile


Mobile gamers may have the opportunity to partake in the glory of the Age of Empires legendary RTS. Through a licensing deal with Japan’s KLab Inc, Microsoft plans to introduce this legendary strategy game to the iOS and Android platforms. At a later date and in multiple languages, Age of Empires will be release for […]