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How I Play Video Games


Sometimes you look up from your computer and you realize that you haven’t been to the bathroom in over eight hours. But hey, it’s all worth it after you save the world! This is pretty much what happens every single time I sit down to play a video game. Any kind of video game really, […]

What Facebook will do with Oculus Rift


How can you blame Oculus for selling out to Facebook? It was a lot of money. A LOT. I can’t even wrap my head around how much money that was. Sure, maybe Zuckerburg will help them make it a great gaming platform with all of the funds and talent they could ever want. My dream […]

5 Mac Game Gems Under $5

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 2.04.48 PM

Mac gamer? Looking for a few new games to play that won’t break the bank? Check out these five hidden gem games, all for under five bucks in the App Store.

Review: Ballpoint Universe: Infinite


Ballpoint Universe Infinite is a little indie game I found on Steam. Sure, there are other, bigger, flashier games out there to review, but this one captured my imagination because of the quirky graphics. All the images in the game are ballpoint pen drawings! Quirky and a bit gimmicky, but I must admit I’ve never […]

Review: Rise of the Triad


Having never played Rise of the Triad, I went into this game with fresh eyes hoping for something out of the ordinary. I certainly got something different than I’m used to, in the sense that this is extremely old school with a shiny new coat of paint. Rise of the Triad is a game that misses the mark, much like you will, over and over again in its awkward platforming.

Mines of Mars teaser trailer released by Crescent Moon Games


Hopefully Crescent Moon Games will bring us the sci-fi version of Terraria that Edge of Space failed to do. Projected for both an iOS and PC release, Crescent Moon Game’s released a teaser trailer for Mines of Mars. The trailer doesn’t reveal much other than some beautiful 2D landscapes and chilling music From Crescent Moon […]