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Review: The Guided Fate Paradox


Renya Kagurazaka’s bad luck bottomed out when he tried his hand at his local mall’s lottery machine stand. He only did it because he
was told to by the cute girl running the stand.

He spun it, expecting nothing, but ended up getting the golden ball, winning the grand prize!

“Congratulations, Mister Winner! You have won the grand prize!”

The girl smiles widely at Renya as she rings the celebratory bell to indicate a winner.

“I shall let you become God.”

God’s story begins like many others – boy meets girl, boy is smashed over the head with a blunt object by girl, boy is now God.

Tomostalgia: Say Goodbye to Turn-based JRPGs (And is it Really a Bad Thing?)


Turn-based combat in JRPGs, which features a player’s party (typically a group of three or more main characters) restrained to selecting their enemies’ route of decimation through a list of various actions like Attack and Magic, is dead. Even the series that essentially gave birth to the immense popularity of turn-based combat in Japanese roleplaying […]