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Nintendo Puts Kibosh on Japanese Indie Developers


Nintendo has made effort over the past year to make their hardware easier for independent developers to get their games published on the WiiU. The partnership process has been streamlined, requirements cut down/simplified, and even a free Unity engine to develop with, and no licensing fees. So it comes off a bit odd that with all this effort being made, why would Nintendo be refusing any applications coming from Japan?

TomoCon: Comic Con’13: WATCH_DOGS


If you are a fan of video games stealth, moral ambiguity, and a vast open world structure then Ubisoft’s upcoming title Watch Dogs is for you.

TomoCon: Comic-Con ’13: Arkham Origins


From the floor of San Diego Comic Con comes the next game in the Arkham asylum series Origins, a prequel inspired by Legends of the Dark Knight and Year one.

Preview: Ittle Dew, Link to the Past as a mean girl


Ittle Dew is a Zelda inspired adventure game, staring a female protagonist sharing the same name as the game’s title, who has a pension for hitting things, and is accompanied by her questionably helpful flying fox Tippsie. The game is already out for PC and Ouya, and will see a later release on Mac early July, and there will be a Wii U, iPad/Android release towards fall/winter.

Nintendo Unprepared for HD Development Costs


Nintendo is going through the same growing pains Xbox 360 and PS3 developers went through seven years ago. Producing for HD consoles is much more resource intensive, not to mention costly. This rise in price led to a slow down in production, and the rise of staff sizes to exceed the 120-150 mark, almost double […]